Episode 4 - All About Draft (Ft. Elliott Hedman)

April 11, 2017

Burned out or tired of regular Netrunner? You should try draft! Tune in to hear us talk about how much we love it, all about the different FFG draft sets, what's up with the Stimhack draft cube, and some strategies to get you started. I realized that we never mentioned that draft decks disregard influence, and that you can draft agendas from all corp factions.

Unfortunately, we recorded this without knowing what the "snake draft" format is. Here is a very nice description of snake draft (ty Jesse!): "The format is a fantasy draft of all cards in the card pool up to Station One. Players take it in turns to pick, and each pick entitles you to include a play set of that card in your deck. Once a card has been drafted by a player no other player can use it. This includes identities. There is no mwl, but errata applies (Astro, Museum)." Everyone has access to Jackson Howard, Hedge Fund, and Sure Gamble, and decks must have legal influence. This is a great format to do online with a group of people you know by setting up/sharing a Google spreadsheet etc, or in person if somone is willing to lend their entire collection for it. We haven't had a chance to try this format yet, but it's been very well received! 

Here are the links that we mentioned:

Basic info on drafting

All of the FFG draft/starter packs

Stimhack draft cube

Please let me know if I missed any!


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